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19 criteria to "like" Facebook algorithms

The Facebook advertising algorithm is mysterious, unpredictable and not always adequate, however, there are things that almost always positively affect how the algorithm evaluates the ad, and therefore positively affect the overall rating of the account from which the ad is unrolled.

Of course, not all of these methods are suitable for launching gambling campaigns, but many of them will be useful for warming up an account. So, 19 criteria:

  1. The image in the promotional post must show the product, its application or results. Facebook prioritizes posts that are useful, understandable, and interesting.
  2. The image should evoke an emotional response. Do you remember that the Facebook algorithm monitors how users scroll the feed? Stop = response, and the response is good, unless of course it is negative?
  3. The picture must be unique. Yes, very abstract, but people have already seen everything, and only something new really attracts attention.
  4. To engage the reader and convert them into a lead, feel free to use the teaser approach. But don't fall into clickbait and misleading, Facebook still monitors the quality of the content...
  5. Unbelievable, but true: posts without a bright appeal are liked by the Facebook algorithm and users more. However, they work worse...
  6. Ask the audience something, and offer to answer in the comments. Such a response indicates the quality of the publication, and the quality is known to be liked by the Facebook algorithms.
  7. Add emoji. But don't overdo it
  8. Follow the quality. If the rating falls to “below average”, the ad becomes more expensive and the coverage decreases.
  9. Install the Facebook Pixel for Conversion Tracking - just install the pixel. He is very helpful.
  10. The algorithm likes keywords with a positive attitude. Texts with negative content reduce coverage.
  11. Images with people, faces, smiles and emotions evoke a response from the user, and the Facebook algorithm has a rating increase.
  12. Types of images that are preferred: a man and a woman (if with children, it’s generally great), animals, sky, mountains, nature.
  13. Do not set limits on ad spending per day and limits on your ad account.
  14. If the money for advertising cannot be written off, the rating of the advertising account falls.
  15. If an advertising campaign is rejected for any reason, the rating drops.
  16. The algorithm likes spending around $100 per day (if possible)
  17. The ideal ad layout is 2 campaigns, 2 ad groups each, and 2 ads per group.
  18. Pages with over 5,000 followers get more reach.
  19. Drive traffic to one page (landing page) or at least to the same domain.

That's all, we hope you learned something new about Facebook preferences and this knowledge will be useful to you in your work. And if you are ready to share your comments about what Facebook likes or dislikes, tell us about it in the comments.