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Actual methods of working with Facebook from practice

 Hi all! Today, we'll discuss how to use Facebook and how to find solutions to the issues we encounter every day. Let's examine the technical and accounting aspects.

Actual methods of working with Facebook from practice

From my experience, I clearly understand that there is a basis for draining traffic from Facebook. The basis is accounts, consumables and the technical part. I won’t talk about expenses, because I’m sure if you are already pouring from Facebook, then it will be more interesting for you to read about accounts and the technical part.


For those who cannot afford to test and launch purchased accounts, there is the single most economical option, but at the same time a long and tedious one - farming.

Actual methods of working with Facebook from practice

There is a certain methodology so that Facebook does not think that you are not a bot and not a multi-acc, but an ordinary person.

How to do it? There are certain rules by which Facebook checks you:

- Time, frequency and duration of actions in the social network tab;

- Purchases on third-party sites;

- Plugins installed in the user's browser;

- Mouse movements on the user's device;

- Using the camera built into the Facebook application;

- Photo metadata;

- Applications installed on the user's device;

- Names and types of files on the user's device;

- Contacts from the user's address book;

- In the case of Android devices, call log and SMS history;

- Wi-Fi and cellular access points closest to the user;

- Information about mobile and fixed providers via PCs, phones, TVs and other devices on the network;

- About the charge level of the user's device;

- About settings and permissions on the user's device;

- Information and photos of other users, as well as the frequency of interaction and communication with them.

Our task with pharming is to make Facebook consider you a real user. If we feed Facebook with this data, then in the future you are a real person and these are the longest-lived accounts.

Who is a real user? A real user must have social connections, personal data, behavioral factors and interests. Interests and behavioral factors should match each other. When farming accounts, you need to make it clear to Facebook that you are an advertiser (freelancer or businessman). Simply put, so that Facebook sees you as a potential advertiser.

What are social connections? When farming accounts, we first register an account, add a bunch of friends, and take friends' music that has zero relationship. The simplest relationship for 24 friends, and these are 103 connections between each person. There are 2 friend accounts, and these 2 accounts have friends in common. This is what is called social bonding.

Actual methods of working with Facebook from practice

When we are a real user for Facebook, we say: “Here I have friends, they have common friends”, we prove by behavioral factors that I am a real user and there is personal data, then he allows you to play with his advertising account for a long time. Of course, this is all a bit very complicated.

Today in Russia you can still register an account and let it rest, and then launch it. Because this is normal behavior for a group of people in the Russian Federation.

Actual methods of working with Facebook from practice

Registering an account for advertising activities with Iphone

We take an iPhone, reset the settings, turn off the geo, do not go to icloud, go to the applestore, download the Facebook application, register for a new unused SIM card. The moment of registration may be different:

- Using the application

- Using a mobile browser, then go to the application

- Register on Instagram, make a business account, and for this you need Facebook, register Facebook, go to the application

- Registration in the application for advertising

The essence of registration in this way is that the registration goes through a unique device. After that, we already add our account to the web version and start doing a little activity. In the future, you can already safely rotate ads.

Life hack.

If we registered an account for some kind of SIM card, we used an acc and it flies into a ban. We take the same SIM card and register exactly the same profile on it. Such an account starts a day. In fact, this is a trust of the old account, and in itself it is new and the advertising account will be unbanned.

You can just buy accounts, but they have their own characteristics.

Actual methods of working with Facebook from practice

Several ways to solve the problem with BM

BMs are created on many prepaid accounts, these accounts don't have to be your geo. These bm can be shared to your geo accounts and spilled from them. The second option is just to buy shared bm.

To warm or not to warm?

Previously, it was possible to do without warming up, now it is clearly visible that a warmed up FB launches your account better.

Technical part

Everything is very simple here, we all work through indigo, because the effectiveness of the life of accounts is higher than in other browsers.

Actual methods of working with Facebook from practice

The server should be configured through the ISP manager and CloudFlare. CloudFlare hides your server's ip so that each domain has a unique ip. Simply put: you buy a server, install an ISP manager there, link domains there, and the domains themselves are on CloudFlare. Through these services it is very convenient to manage and work with your sites.

Cloud Actual methods of working with Facebook from practice

Of course, you still need a cloaca. Kloaka.pro - Be the first to get access from @kloakaprobot.

white site

Actual methods of working with Facebook from practice

A white site in my understanding is a multi-page site - an online store. We raise the site on wordpress, install woocommerce, put the plugin package there, load all the products from aliexpress and as a result we get a ready-made online store. All this takes an hour.

Now I want to tell my vision of what needs to be done with Facebook. Because the problems do not change, then the cost of a lead jumps, then optimization breaks down. What to do with it? The whole mechanics of working with Facebook is the same for all affiliates. In fact, we are provided with a huge number of tools so that we can achieve results. Pay attention to the quality of the advertisement and advertising campaign. The quality of an advertising campaign depends not only on creativity, but also depends on user interaction. If your white site is well optimized, then according to statistics, such accounts are better launched. Accordingly, you need to work on the quality of your RC and learn how to work with the audience in order to achieve maximum results.

Zucker auction

Facebook is a smart machine, it tries to find the fattest audience for you, where you will get the maximum result. When we insert a pixel into the Thank You page and take the Leads event for leads, we end up in the same heated auction. Each event has its own auction, and if we choose the event not “Lead”, but something else, then our traffic will be a little cheaper. We need to work with events. In addition, we must feed it with our audience as much as possible. You need to put a pixel not only on the thank you page, but also on the black page. Facebook will not react in any way to the installation of a pixel on a black page, since the rules say: “A pixel is not content moderation.” There are guys who work this way, and they say that such accounts live as long as without a pixel. Respectively, you need to set the pixel for different events. For example, we put “Page View” on the transit, on the “Purchase” button, on the landing page “Filling out the form”, and only then “Lead”. I tell you that you need to move in this direction, and not do it right now.