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How to choose the right keywords in Google ADS

 Greetings! Today we’ll talk about how to choose   keywords when launching ads in Google ADS.

 I will take the Liquid Lawn offer as an example, and together   we will select the “keys” for our ad.


We open ads.google.com, create a new campaign, then a few ads and stumble upon the “Keyword Setup” section. Here we are told about what keywords are and why they are needed. If someone does not know, then you can read.


Google very kindly offers us a lot of ready-made "keys", it would seem - choose more and click "Continue". But if you do so, you will make one of the most common mistakes. You can choose these options, but then your budget will melt before your eyes, and in a few hours only memories will remain of it. You can only do this if you are willing to compete on price with other advertisers who are promoting a similar product.

So what to do? There are two ways.

The first is to independently select and enter keywords in the appropriate field on the left. Here it will be very useful to introduce yourself as a potential buyer.

In our case, we want to buy a lawn, for example, for a summer cottage. First, we will most likely want to know what types of lawns are on the market. Then it will be useful to find out how much they cost. Also, it will not be superfluous to read reviews about some kind of liquid lawn, which was mentioned on some site (an interesting thing, after all). It can also be assumed that we already have a lawn, but some problems have arisen with it.


Arguing in this way, we can secure a profitable niche for ourselves, from where we can get a good conversion for an adequate price. The most "expensive" keywords are like "...buy, ...price", that is, those queries where a person is ready to make a purchase right now.

The second way is to use third-party services for the selection of "keys". There are a huge number of services on the Internet that select keywords. I recommend using them in combination, choosing a few from each. The site https://wordstat.yandex.ru is quite popular in Runet. With it, you can see the frequency of various search queries.


See what keys can be found on keywordtool.io. Not bad at all.


How many keywords are needed for one advertising campaign?

I advise you to take about 5-7, if you really want to, then you can create several ad groups and leave those that show the best results in the end. It is best to break down into a specific category of requests, for example, "reviews" in one group, and "lawn care" in another.

Don't be afraid to experiment and you will be happy :)

I wish you good luck and profit!