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How to make money on weight loss in high season?

 The pursuit of the perfect body before the summer season is a real goldmine for arbitrageurs who work with commodities. Currently, affiliate programs offer a wide range of offers, so that every webmaster can choose the right product for almost any traffic source. Let's analyze the options for draining on specific examples.



With a competent approach to the analysis of the target audience, the growth of success rates will not be long in coming. The best option for Yandex is an authoritative opinion, in our case, a doctor. In this way, we will increase the level of customer confidence in the product, citing research results as an example, adding more facts, using as little water as possible in the text.


We use clean com-domains that are not associated with accounts that were previously blocked. Cloachim through Keitaro. If possible, use old domains with a good reputation, this will increase the “trust rate” of the account. Here the promo approach consists in a large number of before and after examples. It’s good to target both M and F (it’s better in different ad sets, as a rule, leads come out cheaper than a mix). Creo's approach - fruits, lemons, whatever you can find in the kitchen is touted as the most effective fat burner.

women workout


The MyTarget advertising platform has a huge target audience that wants to lose weight, but is famous for capricious moderation and complex settings. When creating creative, it is important to remember that the target audience not only plans to lose weight, but also wants to continue to eat no less than usual. Here, photos of people who identify Odnoklassniki's target audience as much as possible (the client's avatar is a woman of 35-40 years old from the province) will come in well for us.

An example of a good creo for MT (it makes no sense to use it, because many affiliates will receive this mailing, but according to this scenario, creating your own unique promo would be a good strategy).