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How to squeeze 100% out of RK? Detailed settings for Facebook ads.

 Hello dear friends. It is worth bringing up one topic that newcomers, and sometimes even skilled webs, are not particularly interested in. We will talk about the “Detailed Target”.

When choosing an offer, we roughly understand what target audience is waiting for our advertisement. But when setting up the advertising campaign itself, we do not do everything possible in order to specifically shoot at our audience. For this, there is a detailed target.

Have you ever wondered how a dog hairbrush could target an unremarkable user? Or “a toy for your child”?

It is not for nothing that FB earns huge amounts literally every minute, so it would not have been possible without such a feature.

Let's take a few categories as an example.

Detailed setting according to the criterion “cooking”

At the time of setting up ads, you will see the “Detailed targeting” item. We pass into it and in the line we enter, for example, the word “cooking”. If we are advertising some kind of kitchen offer, then such a criterion would be quite appropriate for us.

According to this criterion, Facebook has collected as many as 886 million people, which indicates the relevance and rather high activity of people in this category.

But it is not necessary to look so broadly, you can choose a narrower criterion. In order to accurately understand your audience and specifically adapt to it.

For example, let's take a narrower direction from the "cooking" criterion.

The criterion "Cakes" scored quite a large number of people. If you are advertising a product that helps make a cake, such as cream syringes, then it is better to choose this audience than just “cooking”.

The lead price will be more expensive than in the broader criteria, but the approval percentage will be correspondingly higher. Unless, of course, you do not take into account the “difficult nature” of Facebook and the problems of working with it in general.

Detailed setting according to the criterion “Surfing”.

It may seem that it is not popular, and very strange for arbitrage, but this is just an example. In the criterion of sport, for example, 1 billion 708 million people.

The criterion “Surfing” scored 149 million, although this sport is not very common among the general category of sports. But if you have found the appropriate product for surfing, then it is better to set the criterion as “Surfing”.

These are pretty obvious things, but still, a good half of the web does not use detailed targeting. Based on this, the pixel cannot really catch on to the right audience, since the spread can be enormous.

However, that's what this feature is for. Although FB takes a lot of money for tests, spending due to bans / checks, etc., it still pretends that it wants to save you money. Not only this function works according to this principle, but also the principle of the auction itself, but this is a completely different story.