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Pouring through Google KMC in OFFERRUM Part 2

 In the last article, we launched an advertising campaign for the Power Magnetic back corset offer . If you have not read it, we strongly recommend that you do so right now. Link to the article 

Have you read? Then let's move on!

A week has passed since the launch of the campaign, and all indicators remained at zero. It turns out that we did not receive any promotion, impressions, etc.

Pouring through Google KMC in OFFERRUM Part 2

What are we to do now?

Most likely, the account was temporarily frozen, and in order to understand whether the ban will continue, you need to do the following:

  1. Launching our campaign
  2. Open ad
  3. Click on the pencil to make changes
  4. Making small changes to the ad

It turns out that after the changes, our campaign will go for another moderation.

Since our ads have received the status “Approved”, it means that we simply did not collect a large enough audience and placements, and therefore there are no impressions.

Pouring through Google KMC in OFFERRUM Part 2

If you go to the “Placements” section, then there we will see all our collected videos from the last article. Let's tell you a secret, we raised the rate, but it did not help for spinning. So let's try to create an intent audience.

Audience by intent

An intent audience is a list of addresses of sites of the required subject or keywords.

PS For the convenience of analytics, it is worth segmenting advertising campaigns. For example, we created one placement-only campaign, and we'll create another intent-only campaign. In the campaign itself, it is worth segmenting ads by gender, geo, etc.

Let's take a look at how to create an intent audience.

First, simply duplicate the already created campaign and change its name.

Pouring through Google KMC in OFFERRUM Part 2

Open the campaign and ad group (let's look at the example of a women's ad group):

  1. Click on the “Audiences” column and the “Add Audiences” button
  2. Next, click on “Browse” and select “What are they looking for and what purchases are they planning”
  3. Now click on the blue plus sign “Special Intent Audience”

The following window should open:

Pouring through Google KMC in OFFERRUM Part 2

We set any name here, but it is better related to the theme of the offer for the convenience of further analytics. Below it is best to add keywords, and we will take them from the WordStat service . Now in the wordstat we drive in the words associated with the offer, for example, stoop and copy the keywords with the largest coverage. Then just paste them into the window indicated in the screenshot above.

Now Google will look for sites for us where the audience is interested in these key queries.

That's it, we've successfully created an intent audience!

Pouring through Google KMC in OFFERRUM Part 2

PS It's best to have multiple intent audiences for a wider reach. And for more convenient collection of keywords, download the extensions for the Yandex WordStat Assistant browser.

We still do not recommend that you use any audiences in the “Who are they?” category. This is a complete trash, which we have repeatedly tested and always leaked the budget.

Audience by topic

Let's look at 1 more targeting method that is not as effective as intent or location targeting. This audience method is not suitable for our offer, but we will consider it anyway.

I hope you already understood that for each method it is best to create a new campaign?

Therefore, we duplicate the previously created campaign and set the appropriate name. Next, we perform the following actions:

  1. Launching this campaign
  2. Go to the "Audiences" section
  3. Delete everything there
  4. Go to the “Ad Groups” section (Don't forget to change the names of the ad groups!)
  5. Now open the ad group (let's look at the women's example)
  6. Open the "Themes" section and click on the blue plus sign "Add themes"

The following window should appear:

Pouring through Google KMC in OFFERRUM Part 2

Further actions will not be carried out on this offer, but simply as an example of actions.

Let's score a query in Google, for example, decor. And we take any site link. Now just paste this link into your theme targeting.

Pouring through Google KMC in OFFERRUM Part 2

Google itself selects for us topics suitable for the specified URL.

We do not advise you to check the box next to “Observations”, it is better to always use “Targeting”. Otherwise, just merge the budget to zero.


A very important setting that we forgot to show you in the last article.

Open "Tools and Settings" and click on "Audience Manager" in the "Shared Library" column.

google ads

A list of audiences will open, there you need to select the “Remarketing” column. Next, click on the blue plus sign and select “Site Visitors”.

ads manager google

Now we can create a remarketing audience, that is, the audience that visited our site or left a purchase request will be accumulated. And then in the targeting methods, we can already pour specifically on it.

Let's start creating!

You should have opened a page with the creation of a new audience. Here we set any name, for example, all visitors. Next, simply add the address of our site to the column "Page Visited". You don't need to touch anything else.

ads manager google

Use the same principle to create remarketing to the thank you page. In the next article, we will analyze how to cut these users off for our ads.

What to do if you got banned?

  1. First of all, you should not use the same domain in a new account, and you can leave the hosting the same.
  2. On all your landing pages, at the very bottom, add a caption like “Results on site photos may differ from your results.”
  3. Uniqueize a blog with reviews, pictures, and so on on the landing page. You can even change colors.
  4. It also happens that they get to the bottom of the inscription of the campaign details, which are located at the bottom of the landing page. The fact is that they are indicated in the form of a picture, just replace it with a text version.
  5. If you swear on replicas or black goods, then you will be banned almost instantly.

That's all for today, see you in the next part of the article!