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Pouring through Google KMC in OFFERRUM Part 1

 Today we will be uploading a medical offer on OFFERRUM: Power Magnetic back brace .

This offer is needed by many people, since most people spend a lot of time at the computer, mothers carry children, and therefore their back hurts. The approach turns out to be quite wide and such an offer can be uploaded from Google KMC.

We took the landing page from the affiliate program, but cleaned it up a bit. Why did you clean it? It's all about Google's rules. This landing page has stop words for which an account can be banned. Google can ban even a white friend, but it bans accounts if you have a lot of RK that are very badly moderated.

First you need to create a stream with this offer and select landing F. After creating the stream, you can download the landing page we need and make the necessary changes on it.


In general, I recommend uploading from your domain, and for this we first replace the stop words on the downloaded landing page and then upload the files to the hosting. Next, just connect your domain to the hosting. It is best to choose a domain similar to the name of the offer. If you think you can't handle it, then just hire a freelancer and let him upload the files to the hosting and connect the domain for you.

Let's see what we have replaced on the downloaded landing page.





Also, we decided to play it safe and completely removed the block with the doctor.


We edited the text of the reviews a little more, namely, they removed any mention of the result. A very interesting feature is to add text at the very bottom of the site, so that again there are no problems with moderation.


They forgot to say that sometimes they can block an advertising campaign before granting a license for the product. Let's just say that we do not promise anything and your result may differ from ours.

Now we are all ready to set up Google ads.

Setting up conversion tracking

At the initial stage, it is worth setting up the conversion to your site. To do this, click on “Tools and Settings” in KMC, then “conversions”.


And click on the plus sign, select “Website”, then check the “Page View” checkbox, write any name for the conversion, then select “Do not assign a value to this conversion action” and select the account “One”. Now you can click on the "Create and continue" button. In the next window, click on "Install the code yourself". We set the global tag on the main page of the site and on the thank you page. But the event tag needs to be set only on the thank you page.

We create an advertising campaign

It is better to create separate advertising campaigns for men and women, and here we will look at creating a campaign for men. For women, you will do it yourself by analogy.


Go to the "Campaigns" section and click the plus sign to create. Next, click “Create a campaign without specifying a goal” and select KMC. Then check the box “Standard display campaign” and insert a link to our website. Click "Continue".

Now we give the name of our advertising campaign, for example, Corrector - KMC. In the location column, check the box next to “Specify a different location” and add all geos from the offer to which you plan to drive. Pay attention to the button "Location Options"


By default, Google checks the boxes as in the screenshot, we recommend that you check the box next to “People who are in target locations or regularly visit them” and you don’t need to touch anything else in this paragraph.

We leave Russian, English and Ukrainian languages.

In the bet column, click on the button as in the screenshot below.


Now uncheck the box next to “Increase conversions with the CPA Optimizer”. And fill in the settings as in the screenshot below.


Why do we charge such a high CPC? To weed out all junk traffic.

We set the budget, 500 rubles will be enough for a start.

Now click on the button “Advanced settings”


Here we select “Optimization: showing the most effective ads”.

Set the schedule for showing ads at your discretion, but we recommend setting the offer for the time the call center is open.

We do not touch the start and end dates.

We set a limit on the frequency of impressions for each ad up to 2 times a day, so that Google does not hollow out 1 person for 5 impressions per day.

Next, click on conversions and check the box “Select conversion actions for this campaign”. That's why we created the conversion at the very beginning. Select our conversion and click save. This is necessary in order to track in Google analytics where the conversion comes from, in order to optimize everything later.

Do not miss a very important column that can drain your entire budget to zero.


And check the boxes in which you do not need to show ads:


Create an ad group

All our initial settings have been made, now we are creating ad groups. Name the group so that you can then understand what kind of group it is. We called our group “Proofreader - CCM-Muss.”

Next, skip the audience graph.

In demographics, we also leave everything unchanged, because absolutely everyone needs our corset offer. Think about how your back hurts after sitting at the computer for a long time. The only thing we will remove is “Women” because this RK is created for men.

Scroll down and click on "Display Network Targeting"


And select "Locations". Now we enter in the search column queries related to our offer, for example, osteochondrosis and click on “Video on YouTube”. Now check the box next to all videos with a large number of views. This may take you more than an hour, because. it is worth highlighting videos with different keywords and in large numbers. The main thing is for you to get more than 15,000 potential impressions.


Similarly, you can work with “websites” and not just youtube videos.

Now go to extension targeting and turn off reach.

All now our setup for the CCM is completed, click save and move on.


Now let's move on to creating ads, click on the appropriate button:


Our task is to make a tasty ad for men, and then you make it for women.


In the final URL field, insert the address of the advertised landing page.

Next, add images and logos. In the window that opens, click on the “Downloads” button and upload images with men in a corset. You can find such pictures in any search engine with the appropriate request. Now point at the pictures and click “Use as Image” and look at what orientation the picture best suits.


We do the same with logos.

As your ads fill up, Google will show examples of what your ads will look like.


Now we fill in the titles and descriptions, observing the limits on the number of characters. In the title, you can write just the name of the offer, and in the description, the text for a specific target audience. Please note that the long title is only shown on the PC. In the campaign name column, it is best to add a link to your website. Now we can save our responsive ad.

All created titles, pictures and descriptions will change among themselves and in fact there will be a different ad all the time, and Google will already determine the more effective one.

A small chip so as not to drain the entire budget

Click on the “Tools and Settings” button and click on “Lists of Excluded Places”.


Now click on the plus sign and “Create List”. Here you need to disable the mobile application so that our videos are not shown on phones.

We write any name and select the application tab, then insert checkmarks in each column “Apple App Store” and “Google Play”. Unfortunately, you will have to disable all 140 categories. Then save and thus you protect yourself from the trash.

Next, go to the placement column and click on exceptions.


Now we click on the pencil, select our campaign and exclude mobile sites by clicking on “App Categories”.

All our KMS are running!


Go to "Ads and extensions" and click on "object details".


The trick is that after a few thousand impressions, Google will show us which of the titles, descriptions and pictures is the best one. In the future, we will simply turn off all unnecessary.