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Spam in Telegram: Training Working with TGSOFT software (10% discount with Dealer promo code) - TGSPAM.RU



Before starting, I’ll say right away that I’m not a pro, but tg zbs, both for a spammer and an advertiser,
you will have to study krch with all the ways to earn money yourself. 

So, spam is first of all mailing, that's all, you have enough water, now what you need to do to spam.

Money, without them, just get out of the factory, workers are almost always needed, for starters, T GSOFT software (Dealer promo code - 10% discount) - TGSPAM.RU , there are 3 purchase options,  the first is a test for a couple of hours to understand how the software works, the second option for 1 month to figure out approximately how to spam, how to work with all this. 
And the third option is forever, here you are already starting to work. (You can buy 1 month of use first, then pay the difference and get the software forever)

The software needs accs and proxies, you can buy them or make them yourself. If you have money, time, don’t like to solve a lot of hemorrhoids, then you need to find a good account registrar who makes accounts on the desktop, they are called tdata, you can register manually (no one forbids) or find a person who will do it, then what do you say. 

Costs - money for SMS activators, the number goes 4-5 rubles + the cost of a proxy, so it's better to buy mobile proxies or create your own (decide for yourself with proxies to make it profitable for you). And you also need to give an account an account, at least a week 2, and preferably a month. And only after that you can transfer it to the software and work with it. On registration - do not forget to do a two-factor, the reg is not very complicated, but for good volumes you need to automate.

There is also such an option, buying accounts and using them on a tor-proxy (or your own, yours is better), that is, you buy an account for 15-25 rubles and make invites or mailings from it. Thor proxies, already in the software, after purchasing the software, they will help you deal with them if you don’t understand. 

And the last option is to order a newsletter, but here only for those who know their target audience very well,  it is
advisable to have your own base and have a good cash, then yes, you can earn. 

Choose the option that's right for you . After the account is made or bought, we proceed
to the preparation for the mailing, we need text, a link and a mb picture. But in almost every case, 
randomization and synonymization is used to make it appear that each account is unique and sends its own text.  

That is, in simple words, you need a lot of different text. To begin with, synonyms (good afternoon, hello, hello) are all a greeting, and so you need to come up with your own synonym for each word, after that you additionally replace the Cyrillic and Latin letters, naturally you should have more text, so if you don’t want to pay a copywriter, then use your time to prepare a randomized text.

As a result, the text is prepared, the picture remains, you can do it, or you may not, you need to know one thing, you will also need quite a lot of pictures, that is, even if you order from a designer, you will still have to work to make many others out of 1 picture , make color correction, etc. 

Yes, at this stage, you should already have an offer that you are working with, of course, you need a link, which you also need to randomize, buy a domain and redirect it with a button to go to it, then create multi-subdomains for them to work. I’ll tell you a little about how it’s done, buy a domain, link it to your hosting, I think you can handle it, then take the redirect script (you can find it in Google) and paste it into the root (or folder), then create such subdomains and repeat.
There are already tutorials on creating redirects in Google, so it makes no sense to paint.

As a result, you have links at the output, approximately count as follows, 100 messages per 1 link of VK, TG, it doesn’t matter, everything comes out about the same. Akki is ready, the link and the text are ready, but that's not all, so the next article will be ..


As a result, you have prepared accounts, proxies, text, links and MB images. Now it's time to find the audience
to which you will spam, there are several options, the easiest one is to find chats in the TG, you can find them
in this way by typing in Google: site:t.me/joinchat - as a result you get such links, copy them and insert it into the software, make a filter by activity, choose for yourself which audience you need - press the start button and after that you get your audience in the list, download it and you can continue to work. (there are also sites with collections of TG chats, where you can have your target audience and parse them)

The second option is a checker of numbers for the presence of a Telegram, here you can buy a base, order a base parsing from freelancers or parse yourself, at the output you will get usernames or numbers that are already in the Telegram, and yes, the moment, additional accounts are needed for the check, some may go to the ban, this happens, so if you don't want your accounts to go to the ban, you can also order the check of your numbers. (after purchasing the software, you will be taken to the chat of software buyers, you can order from people who can check your database)

As a result, you have a base on which you can start spamming, and here the fun begins, because we can spam in different ways, but in order not to disassemble each one, because it will be of little use, I’d better tell you, so to speak, the best way to spam, this is spam not in the forehead , that is, you start with a greeting to the audience, make 30-40 messages from each account, with a greeting and not a single word about your offer, you can communicate yourself through the dialogs function, and if you don’t want to communicate yourself, and you are all about the same scenario yes or no, then an autoresponder will help you, which will communicate with your audience, and an autoresponder in order to, firstly, to warm up the audience for your offer and receive fewer reports, which also affect your mailing list and ban accounts, so you need to make a message cycle for the software, answers to some questions, to the words yes or no, you will figure it out with the autoresponder, plus not we forget that after purchasing the software, you will have technical support and a chat in which you can be told how to work with it.

If you don't want to spam in this way, you can always spam directly to the offer, in which case you need very good synomization and randomization, links, pictures and so on. There is also a post bot function, this is through the bot you can create letters and after that you just randomize with this code (@postbot your numbers) and after the client receives a letter with a button, it is important at the moment 1 postbot is better to use for 100 messages, so count how many you need such postbots. And yes, of course you can, if you registered accounts yourself on the desktop, then it’s easier for you, you can open and create post bots from each account, and don’t forget to change the text and link in each post bot, almost the same randomization.

As you can see, there is manual work that you can transfer to another person, it will not cost you very much, you can find a person through a vacancy, in the same Avito or other notice boards, or write to a friend, you will explain to him how to register acc, after 2 weeks create post bots with texts and links that you send him, krch explain everything, at the output you get acc, buy a proxy, transfer the acc to software, through the registration section, everything is simple.

Or, as a good option, find a programmer who can make such an account creator, and you will have more accounts, I won’t say for sure at the cost, the prices are different, look for them in freelance exchanges, see reviews and order software for yourself.

It's not that hard, but to understand all about TG spam, you need to start spamming yourself. 


So, let's start with the fact that you need accounts, proxies (you can use Tor) and chats. But in all inviting, at the moment, the chat itself is very important, and yes, not just a chat, but with a stay, create and wait as long as possible (from 1 month - the more the better)

We figured out the rest, the second desirable moment is bots, I personally bought bots from him - https://vk.com/cryptoman23, order 2-3 thousand bots in each chat and at the same time start inviting, on the first day of inviting very neatly, about 100-200 people a day in 1 chat from different accounts. I advise you to make 30-40 invites from each account.

But yes, don’t do a lot at once, you all know that the fraer’s greed ruined it, so do it carefully
and not every day, create an asset in the chat so that people communicate, ask friends or partners to communicate with the audience, even answer questions like what I'm doing here, answer how you want, you can at least send them, depending on what chat and what kind of audience, krch adapt to the audience, after that you can advertise offers there, at least for betting, at least for gambling, etc.

And how to make money is a completely different story (think, look for bundles yourself)

And yes, I advise you, create a channel for each chat to connect them and make news in the channel, and when you connect them, you make a post on the channel and it will automatically get into the chat and gain a foothold there, therefore everyone will receive a notification, and you can also download not only a chat, but also a channel.

Attention! You can do all actions without software, not everyone has money, so you can start with pens .. That's all)