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Start Strait on the app with Facebook. Detailed guide

 Friends, in this article we will tell you how to start driving traffic to gambling through Facebook and Android apps from OFFERRUM as quickly as possible . This article is divided into two parts - preparatory, in which we will do all the necessary steps to get the application, and practical, where we will launch an advertising campaign on FB. Go!

Part one. Training

Offer selection

To start driving traffic to your app from Facebook, you first need to decide on the offer you want to drive to. You can always clarify and connect the most converting offers through a personal manager, and contacts can be found on the main page of the account .

Create a thread

After selecting and connecting an offer, you need to create a flow. The flow is needed to account for your traffic. How to create a thread? You need to go to the section Offers , and click "Create a flow" opposite the offer you have chosen from the category "Gambling" - "Casino" :

In the stream, specify the Name (any convenient for you), and then select the connected offer:

After that, you need to select a landing:

If you don’t know which landing page is suitable, then feel free to write to your manager. He will definitely tell you the best options.

It remains at the very bottom of the page to click the "Create a stream" button. In the future, all your streams can be viewed in the Tools —> Streams section.

Application setup

Now you need to select an application, get a naming and rummage (link) the selected application to Facebook advertising accounts.

Let's start with naming. You need to go to the Tools -> Lay section through the application and click the "Settings" button opposite the application:

Next, click "Create naming":

In the drop-down menu, find the offer you want to drive to from Facebook:

After that, select the flow of this offer:

Click Next and as a result you get the naming:

Click the "Finish" button. As a result, the naming setup will be completed.


Move on. You need to rummage through the application on Facebook cabinets. To do this, switch to the Facebook Accounts tab below:

In the left part, insert the numbers of your advertising accounts in a column:

On the right side, you will see a list of FB accounts sent for sharing and the status of the sharing itself:

Usually, cabinets are rummaged in 15-20 minutes and their status changes to "Shared":


Where can I get the Facebook Ads Account ID?

In order to find the number of the advertising account, go to your Facebook account and then follow the link facebook.com/adsmanager/ .

After opening the Ads Manager page, look at the address bar of the browser and look for the number that will be indicated after act=

Facebook advertising account interface

This number is the ID of the advertising account, to which the application will be rummaged.

This completes the preparatory part and now we can move on to launching an advertising campaign.


Part two. Setting up an advertising campaign on Facebook

You need to log into adsmanager on Facebook again. Already in it, click the "Create" button to start creating an advertising campaign:

Facebook Ad Campaign ID

Select “Application installs” as the campaign goal, and “App ads” as the campaign type, click Continue:

Creating a facebook ad campaign for an app

In the page that opens, in the Campaign name field, insert the previously created naming:

naming for the Facebook app

This must be done without fail, otherwise the data will not be transferred to the statistics of the affiliate program!

On the next page, select the application that you rummaged through in the preparatory part:

facebook app selection

If the application does not appear in the drop-down list, then try sending cabinets for sharing again. If the second attempt fails, then write to the manager with a request to re-share the application.

Then set the Budget and schedule, Audience (age, gender), Location (country or cities where you run ads), Placements. That is, adjust the targeting of the advertising campaign.

On the next page, in the Campaign Identification section, be sure to select the Fan Page (the Facebook page from which the ad comes from) and check the box next to the inscription - Replace the initiator of your ad from the name of the application with the name of this Page:

facebook campaign with app

This checkbox is set so that the application lives as long as possible both on Facebook and in the play store. If this checkbox is left unchecked, then complaints from the advertising post will go directly to the application, and this significantly reduces the lifespan of the app.

If you have not previously created an advertising page, then Facebook itself will offer to create it:

facebook campaign with app

Below on the page, upload advertising creatives, write texts and click "Publish". Your ad will be moderated and run if Facebook doesn't see any violations in your ad. And when you're pushing apps, ad rejections are pretty rare. If you use your own creatives, you will almost never encounter disapprovals.

That's all! We wish you a successful strait.