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TOP 12 ways to make money online at home 2022

 TOP 12 methods for making money on the Internet at home. Sitting at home   and   do not know how to make money? In this article, we have described the   most   popular and relatively easy ways to make money online, thanks to   which you can   earn 1000 or more rubles a day.

The Internet is the thing without which it is impossible to imagine our existence. The worldwide network is with us everywhere: on the street, at home, at school, at work. This means only one thing: you can make money on the Internet anywhere! Yes, yes, you can and even need to make money on the Internet.

In this article, I will tell you about the methods of making money on the Internet, which I personally tested, about the amounts that you can receive and about mini life hacks that will help you increase your income. Happy reading!

1. Earn money by completing surveys

Earnings on surveys is an opportunity to get money for your opinion. Thousands of companies around the globe are willing to pay to survey their target audience and get answers to their questions.

The principle of this scheme is simple: the customer company (for example, BMW) pays survey sites (more on these sites below), and these sites provide you with the opportunity to fill out a questionnaire and, if successful, pay you.

After registering for any of the surveys, you will be asked to enter some information about yourself, such as:

  • Name and surname;
  • Age;
  • Place of residence;
  • Family status;
  • Your interests and hobbies;
  • Availability of any technology;
  • Etc.

No one is forcing you to give this information if you don't want to. It is needed only so that the site has an idea about you and can select surveys for you based on the given facts about you. It is also important to understand that verified sites will never use your personal data for personal gain!

However, it is important to understand that there are also fraudulent sites that can steal your data or "scam" you for money. Before registering on any of the sites, be sure to read the reviews on the Internet!

List of verified services with paid surveys:

  1. Survey Harbor  is a relatively new questionnaire that appeared in 2017. However, during this time the site has already managed to win the hearts of many users and start cooperation with many global brands. Polls are enough. The advantage is that the site is Swedish. Our #1 recommendation!
  2. YouThink  is one of the best paid survey sites. There are a large number of polls: every time I went to the site, I was greeted by 5-10 polls. The rates are pretty good. In 5-10 minutes you can earn 100 rubles.
  3. Swagbucks  is a very popular survey site that will pay you to take surveys. As you take surveys, you'll earn Swagbucks point which can be redeemed for cash or gift cards. You can also earn Swagbucks points for such activities as playing games, searching the web and watching videos.

Average earnings: 40-2 usd $ per survey.

2. Applications for earning

Everyone has heard about apps that pay for even the simplest actions. For example, you can easily make money by installing Android or iOS applications and completing easy tasks in them. For example, download the application and write a review for it.

Such actions pay well. Not thousands of dollars, of course, but for additional income, very good.

My statistics on Apperwall

List of applications for earning:

  1. getMoney  is a new bot for making money in telegrams. The name speaks for itself. According to the developers, various ways of earning will soon be available in the bot, including paid downloads of applications.
    The project has a rating system: the more tasks you complete, the higher the rate for one task becomes.
    At the moment, there are welcome bonuses for beginners: 5 rubles and 20 ratings.
  2. Apperwall  is a great project for making money by downloading apps and writing reviews for them. They pay here in dollars, which ensures the stability of earnings.
  3. AppBonus  is another app that pays for app downloads. One of the first applications of this type and still afloat, which proves the reliability of the service. The principle of earning is the same as in AppCent.
  4. PFI  is another application that allows you to earn from your smartphone. By entering the promotional code RDUUXKQ during registration, you will receive 5 bonus rubles to your account.
  5. AppCent  - pays for downloading applications and completing targeted tasks in them. Bonuses are given for each action, after which you can exchange them for real money and withdraw them to your details.

Average earnings: 150-300 rubles per day.

3. Earnings in social networks

We all use social networks, but not everyone knows that they can earn money. All that is required of you is to like, write comments, watch videos, subscribe to groups and other things that you do for free.

You ask: who benefits from paying for likes? It's simple: people want to wind up their activity, but do not want to attract bots, so they are ready to pay money to real people for these simple tasks.

It is important to understand that you will not earn 1000 rubles for one like. However, if you are not bothered to perform these mini-actions, then in a day you can easily earn money for your groceries.

My statistics on VKSerfing

The most popular services are

  1. getMoney  is a new bot for making money in telegrams. The name speaks for itself. According to the developers, various ways of earning will soon be available in the bot, including paid downloads of applications.
    The project has a rating system: the more tasks you complete, the higher the rate for one task becomes.
    At the moment, there are welcome bonuses for beginners: 5 rubles and 20 ratings.
  2. VKSerfing  is a popular site that pays for certain actions in almost all social networks. networks. The site has been operating since 2012 and has won a certain love from users.
  3. VKTarget  is another equally popular site. It is popular among customers, which means there are enough tasks there.
  4. V-like  - Pays for actions on VKontakte, Instagram, YouTube and Facebook.
  5. CashBox  - A relatively new exchange with a nice interface.

Average earnings: 200-500 rubles per day.

4. Yandex Toloka

Yandex Toloka  is a service with tasks from Yandex. Here you need to perform simple tasks for a small fee, such as comparing the quality of text or pictures, evaluating the site according to criteria, moderating content at the time of violations, there are even field tasks in which you need to go to a certain address and take a picture or be a mystery shopper .

Tasks can be taken on the website or through the application on the smartphone.

According to the reviews of those who earn money there regularly, the money is not big, again, just an exchange of your time, the more hours you spend there, the more you earn. One task is paid from 0.02 to 0.10 $

service job examples

Average earnings: 100-500 rubles per day.

5. Earnings by entering captcha

We all know what captcha is. We encounter these robot checks daily and introduce them on almost every site. But why do it for free?

There is a special service that pays its users for entering captcha. Yes, yes, you can really get money for captcha. It's simple: you register, pass an entrance test (usually you need to enter 30-50 captchas without errors), after which you can start earning. You should not count on big money, but if you like this activity, then this will be a great additional income for you.

  1. RuCaptcha  is one of the most popular services. They pay for entering two types of captchas: graphic captcha (enter the code from the image) and ReCaptcha (select several images from the proposed list). If you want to earn more, download the application of the same name (there is a higher rate per captcha).

Average earnings: 20-200 rubles per day.

6. Earnings by viewing ads

The essence of making money on viewing ads does not need to be explained: they looked - they got money. You can also earn an extra penny on various actions, such as clicks, site visits, etc. The main varieties of this method of earning:

  1. Visiting advertising sites;
  2. Watching short videos;
  3. View advertising banners;
  4. View advertising banners in the browser;
  5. Installing extensions that display ads in the browser;
  6. View ads in smartphone applications;
  7. View ads for cryptocurrency.

All you need to make money is an internet connection and a browser. No additional skills or knowledge required. The main plus of earning is that you get money for the fact that advertising hangs somewhere in the corner of your screen and does not interfere with your business in any way. Essentially, you're renting out part of your screen.

List of the most generous apps and sites:

  1. Surf.be  is a popular site with a system that increases your earnings as you reach new levels. You can install an extension in your browser and get money for "renting" your screen. You can also watch videos and go to sites for a fee.
  2. Globus-Inter  is a phone application that also pays for viewing ads. The main plus is a multi-level referral system. By inviting friends, you create a team and increase your earnings. Many people, having created a large team, earn good money, while practically not viewing ads.
  3. AdBTC Top pays in bitcoins for viewing ads. You need to follow the link and get rewarded.

Average earnings: 10-150 rubles per day.

7. Freelance

A freelancer is a freelancer who independently searches for projects for himself and can combine work in several companies at once. Freelancers do not have a clear schedule, office space and fixed income: it all depends on their desire.

Some of the most in-demand skills for freelancing are:

  1. Website development;
  2. Setting up targeted advertising;
  3. Copywriting and rewriting;
  4. Software development;
  5. Various kinds of design;
  6. Promotion in social networks;
  7. Etc.

If you have knowledge in one of these areas, you can safely try yourself as a freelancer. Even if you don't have any skills, you can get them. Nowadays, there are many free online courses that talk in detail about certain professions. For example, on the WayUP website you can learn everything about WEB development for free.

Thus, freelancing is a lifestyle. You are constantly on the lookout, working when you want and where you want. There are no bosses and alarm clocks. Get up, have a leisurely breakfast and go look for orders on stock exchanges or social networks.

To get your first order, you can register on one of the freelance exchanges:

  1. Workzilla
  2. Kwork
  3. weblancer
  4. Advego

Average earnings: 0-200.000 rubles

8. Yandex Zen

Yandex.Zen  is a personal content recommendation service powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and a publishing platform. Simply put, Zen is an endless feed of publications added to most Yandex services.

To make money in Zen, you need to create your own account and start posting content. The types of earnings here are similar to earnings on your own blog: affiliate programs and monetization.

To enable monetization, you need to collect 10,000 minutes of viewing your publications in the last week. The figure is rather big, but it is not difficult to achieve it. If the quality and content of the content will interest users, the article will quickly get into the tops and gain popularity.

Earnings on affiliate programs are discussed below in the article.

Average earnings : 200-10.000 rubles per day.

9. Copywriting

If you have an average knowledge of spelling and punctuation, you can try to earn your first money on the Internet by writing articles.

You do not need to buy any equipment or take courses, you can even write from your phone. The main thing is to write correctly and be able to express your thoughts clearly and clearly.

However, you must understand that no one will pay you big money for your first article. At first, you will have to be content with little, but over time, your portfolio will grow and, consequently, the prices for your services will increase.

To get your first order, you can register on one of the freelance exchanges:

  1. Workzilla
  2. Kwork
  3. weblancer
  4. Advego

Average earnings: 100-1000 rubles per 1000 characters.

10. Rewriting

Rewriting is the brother of copywriting. The difference lies in the fact that if copywriters write articles themselves, then rewriters rewrite other people's articles. In other words, it is required to rewrite the news, article, any text in a new way. State in your own words so that the end result is a unique product.

The services of rewriters are quite in demand. The Internet is hundreds of thousands of sites hosting many articles that sometimes discuss the same topic. For this reason, rewritten texts are in demand, and the method of writing them - rewriting - is the most optimal and affordable. Many site owners prefer not to rack their brains on how to rewrite articles, but simply buy ready-made content.

To get your first order, you can register on one of the freelance exchanges:

  1. Workzilla
  2. Kwork
  3. weblancer
  4. Advego

Average earnings: 30-200 rubles per 1000 characters.

11. Traffic arbitrage

Many do not know what traffic arbitrage is? In simple terms, your goal is to find traffic cheaper and sell it for more.

Let's take a quick look at an example:

There is a store that sells TVs. For the sale of TVs, the store is ready to pay you 3,000 rubles for each customer you bring.

You, as an arbitrator, start bringing traffic (potential customers who are interested in TVs) to the store’s website and you manage to sell by spending 1000 rubles per lead (the person who bought it). It turns out your income is 2000 rubles from one client you brought.

That is, you need to look for the cheapest targeted traffic and sell it as profitably as possible to stores that sell goods.

As a rule, the store already provides a ready-made landing page and processes applications itself, you only need to bring a client so that he leaves an application.

Average earnings: 0-50.000 rubles and more

12. Affiliate programs

You can make good money by attracting customers to various services. All you have to do is:

  1. Register in the service;
  2. Copy your personal link;
  3. Distribute it.

When someone clicks on your link and registers, you will receive a cash reward. Earnings here depend on volumes: the more people, the more rewards and, therefore, money. Usually partners are attracted in social networks, in their blogs, websites, etc.

It is important to understand that attracting referrals is not the easiest thing. However, if you can come up with some workable way to attract them, you can make good money.

The best apps and sites where you can earn from affiliate programs:

  1. Survey Harbor  - they pay a fixed fee for each referral (it depends on the geolocation of the invited participant) and a percentage of the surveys that he will take in the future.
  2. Pay  - pay $2 for each person. You can invite an unlimited number of referrals.
  3. LetyShops  is a cashback service. They pay 100 rubles for each referral who has used cashback at least once + 15% from his cashbacks. Using the cashback for the first time, you also get 100 rubles to your account.
  4. Apperwall  - pay 50% of your referrals' earnings, as well as 30% of second level referral earnings (referrals of your referrals) and 10% of third level earnings.
  5. Surf.be  - has a multi-level referral program. You can invite one person who will attract referrals and make a profit.
  6. VKTarget  - pay 50% of your referrals' earnings.
  7. VKSerfing  - pay 50% of your referrals earnings.
  8. AppCent  - pay 50% of your referrals earnings.
  9. Yandex Toloka  - pay 50% of your referrals' earnings.
  10. FreeBitco.in  - Pay 50% of your referrals earnings.

Average earnings: 0-100.000 rubles and more