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What are SP offers?

 Today we will reveal to you an important and very profitable topic - SP-offers , and how to work with them.


What is an SP offer? 

SP is the abbreviation for Subscription payment, which in English literally means payment for a subscription. Thus, in arbitration, an SP-offer is a payment for a subscription to an online course, training program or other other product, which consists of several parts, access to which is issued in stages.

Why do SP-offers get traffic? 

SP offers are distributed throughout Russia and the CIS, thanks to ozon, skillbox, lamoda, online cinemas. Today, e-commerce is an integral part of the life of a typical resident of the CIS.

Major players have been on the market for a long time and have changed the minds of incredulous buyers in a positive direction, fixing in their heads that it is normal to pay with a card on the Internet, and then get access to a product, product, service. And they stopped being afraid, and during the pandemic they began to use bank cards even more actively, the fear of buying online disappeared, and the concept of a subscription for a service, a product no longer requires explanation. 

In the case of SP-offers, this works in addition to the conversion + low cost of the first payment upon subscription. The user does not need to pay the entire amount at once and can unsubscribe at any time, so the conversion is much higher than on the product due to the low price, transparency of the offer and an understandable product, without promises of a "mega-result". 

The lower the price for the first subscription, the higher the conversion, but the result may depend on the sources and methods of attraction.

What are the work conditions?  

What hold? What's the rate? Where to drain? All these questions concern absolutely every affiliate marketer who is just starting to work with SP offers. 
What sources to use?


  • Absolutely any, SP-offers are white and fluffy, we recommend focusing on those sources in which you have the most skill to work with.


What is the rate and what is the hold time for SP-offers?

  • Rates start from 720 rubles, and the lead processing time is from 1 to 7 days, but on average 24 hours, if the customer does not unsubscribe during this time, you are guaranteed to receive your payout. The lead can be canceled in case of immediate cancellation of the subscription by the user.

Until the end of June, the promotion “Get 1,000 rubles. for every 10,000 rubles.
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