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When scaling, we lower the cost of a lead. a few pointers you must pay attention to.

Good day, dear webs! I agree. who pour a lot of traffic in the end somehow remain in the black, and not only do they have enough money to turn around, they also buy cars for themselves.

How can you compare all this and be on the mountain yourself?

You just need to learn over time and replenish your knowledge from various sources. This article will give some tips for both beginners and more advanced websites.

When we understand that our RK gives good indicators, suitable for us to start scaling this bundle, then we often resort to these actions:

  1. Increase the number of ad sets, excluding non-converting data;
  1. In the same way as ad sets, we create new RCs;
  1. We connect to other accounts and continue the work of the copied RK on them.
problems when duplicating an ad.
Problems with increasing the budget

But at one moment comes the most unpleasant thing that an affiliate marketer can only encounter in the rapid turnaround of the Republic of Kazakhstan-an increase in the cost of a click, an impression, and, as a result, a lead.

All this is sad, and you are literally on the air, as in a time lapse, watching the price increase. Dollars stop spinning in our eyes and we do not understand what to do. After all, the increase in value occurs quite quickly, but not always.

When you find yourself in just such a situation, then a few tips will go into action that will at least try to help you.

Not everyone knows the following fact: Facebook is a hell of a machine where even your ad sets can compete with each other. This doesn't happen often, but it can happen.

How to define it?

Almost nothing. There are no such detailed statistics yet to understand what kind of audience this or that advertisement has. The new adset can simply take the same people that the existing adset took. Then, without any reason, the cost of lead starts to rise. You need to immediately disable this advertisement, either make a new one, or create a new account.

Also, here is another fact.

When, for example, 4 ad sets are unscrewed in your RK but you decide to add a new one, there is a possibility that the price of the new ad set will start to grow quite quickly.

There are many unspoken factors that can influence this. The most important thing is that the targeting of this advertisement clings to another audience. Not the one you set it to. This is probably a jamb of the system itself, and it is likely that FB is simply looking for suitable leads in the selected audience. But we definitely can’t afford it. It’s too expensive, even if there are leads soon.

Once you've adjusted your AC to the minimum cost of a target action, the subsequent increase in costs shouldn't come as a surprise to you. After all, the system works something like this:

FB brings cheap leads for your targeting and, for example, the narrowness of the offer ends. FB gives leads more expensive since cheap is no longer possible. As a result, the cost of a lead increases.

This "scheme" is not official. It is collected from the experiences and feelings of many webmasters on the Internet.

Knowing such a scheme, you can cheat and do everything so that FB does not raise the price much. Think about it.

When increasing the budget, you need to do everything gradually. When you take a new ad, you need to increase the budget by 15% of the budget of the previous ad. If you do everything quickly and sharply, then a ban or a check will be in your hands. We don't want that.

And if you see that the campaign is just rushing and pumping, then you need to add these ad sets with a 15% increase in the budget no more than once every 24 hours. Otherwise, the probability of blocking will be greater.

That's all, dear gentlemen. Good luck with your profit!